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I did not receive a notice of medical bill and it has gone into collection. What can I do?
What is disposable income?
When is a debt legally considered to be delinquent?
I applied for a checking account and was told my name is in Chex Systems. What can I do to fix this?
In 2009, were there any changes or modifications to the FDCPA?
I have an RV that I can no longer pay for. The RV company secured the loan. What will happen if I return it to the lender?
How can I find out if a debt collector is a real company?
What settlement options are available once you are in collections with a credit card company?
Can a healthcare entity use name, date of birth, and Social Security number when submitting a bill to a debt collector?
I want some advice about paying off my debt. I have about $8000 in credit card debt and $23,000 in car debt. Should I use my savings of about $85,000 to pay off this debt? I was wanting to reduce my expenses by doing this.
I have a judgement against me. My husband and I have a 93 Pathfinder truck worth about $2,500. It is in both of our names and is our only vehicle. It is paid for. Can a collection company take our truck if my husband's name is on the title?
I cannot pay my maintenance fees on a timeshare because my wife lost her job. They said it would be turned over for collection. The timeshare is in Mexico. Is there a way to get of this situation?
What happens if the debt is incurred as a minor?
I wish to return my timeshare to the seller's and relinquish my ownership. How do I do this?
Can you relinquish a gifted timeshare in order to settle an assessment?
My only income is social security disability. I cannot pay my credit card bills. Can any creditors do anything against me?
I'm told that if a responsible party makes three consecutive payments for the same amount on their account at a medical provider, and the provider does not take exception to the amount of each payment, it is considered an implied contract and they can continue making those payments until the account is paid. However, if a payment or payments are are not made the contract is voided. Is this true?
I lost my job 7 months ago and cannot pay the remaining payments on a leased car. I would like to return it rather than have it towed away thus incurring more costs that I cannot pay. I have no income currently and due to serious medical problems I won't be able to work in the future. I have no savings and physical assets. What course of action should I take?
Is unemployment compensation subject to Social Security and Medicare tax?
I have been paying on a medical bill to prevent it from going to collections since February 2010. For the past two payments they have declined to take it. What recourse do I have? I believe that if they take the payments then later decline them, they don't have the right to send me to collections . Am I correct? What rights do I have?
How does medical collections impact my credit score when I settle instead of pay in full?
Can you refer me to a collection agency that deals with consumer collection in California?
Can I pay off debt with money loans?
What if I paid the amount I am supposed to pay?
How are delinquent gambling debts handled?
A collection agency is calling and I have located the bill in question. Can I not just pay the bill directly to the doctor or hospital and not pay anything to collection agency?
Is there a min number of days a doctor can turn you up to a collector. I was 60 days late and he had already turn it over to collections. I am making payments to him for last three months, but collector just called threatening suit. Was told by doctor that as long as I made payments to him there was no problem. What do I do?
I went on an ambulance assigned to a hospital but was not hospitalized. One time the collector called me, 2 years ago, but I did not have the money ($800). Now I want to pay but have no idea how to contact them. Please help?
If i paid my fine by phone, and I have a confirmation number, how do I print off a receipt?
I have had three operations for cancer and my insurance paid a great amount on the claims. I have been bombarded with billing over what insurance paid. Are they valid and under what circumstances?
If you settle a medical debt and the debt is less than what you owed is that taxable income? Is there a place to claim that and should the people who you paid send you a form?
Does the Telephone Consumer Protection Act apply to collection agencies or credit card companies? Or, does it apply only if they use a dialer machine to a cell phone?
One of my ex-employees gave my number out as a reference and a collection agency is now calling for him. I've explained that the employee does not work for me but the agency keeps calling. They keep telling me they will take me off their lists but never do!!! How do I get them to stop?
Can psychiatric accounts be placed on my credit report?
When paying off a debt should you include the debt number or the account on your payment check?
Do debt collectors have right to call on a holiday like Labor Day?
I have 10 bills from the same facility, they range in amounts from $6 to $200, the collection agency has placed the bills separately on my credit report and it is dragging my score down. I am paying the agency on a monthly payment plan but is there a way to get all of these bills in one file?
I have business debt from some loans I cosigned. The statute of limitations is nearly up. I inherited land from my father and want to know if my creditors could come after that? I also wanted to give the land to my children but can I do that?
How do I stop collection calls when I'm not the person they are looking for?
Is Commercial Investigations Inc. in Van Nuys, CA a member of your association?
My husband died and there are some unpaid medical bills in his name. Am I legally obligated to pay these bills? Can the hospital legally transfer the bills into my name – can they legally do this?
If I request an itemization of my hospital or medical debt, can a collection agency mail them to me? If so, did they break any HIIPA regulations by getting my information and mailing it to me?
Is it illegal for a doctor’s office to have a patient with an overdue account in collection to refuse treatment?
If a patient has an unpaid past due bill with a medical provider and the patient requests the medical records be sent to a new provider. Can the provider with the unpaid bill refuse to send them to the new provider?
I have Medical bills in collection. What happens if I don't repay them?
A company sends out a free trial magazines and I was billed for the amount. How can I get thru to them that I never ordered magazines they are trying to collect for?
What is summons to answer?
If I’ve been served with legal documents and I set up a payment plan. Do I still have to go to court?
Can a debt collector call and ask for my supervisor and share any information with her about my debt?
What are the consequences if I don’t pay my credit card debt or a non-secured debt in North Carolina?
Can a landlord charge rent to a tenant even if the tenant has been evicted?
I have a personal loan that is unpaid for 10 years. Will this remain on my credit report?
I was served legal documents by a sheriff, what should I do next?
How can I keep my identity protected from identity theft?
What is the statute of limitation on an unsecured credit card debt?
Do I have to pay taxes on a forgiven debt in a settlement?
I have a tax lien on my credit report and my back taxes with the IRS have been paid off. How do I get this off my report?
I would like to pay off my debt, but I can’t pay off my debt in full. Is there a monthly payment plan option available?
I have a credit card in collection and they offered me a settlement. Will a settlement make a difference on my credit report?
Is it possible to get a reduced settlement on a court fines debt?
Am I required to furnish information about my finances to debt collectors?
If I move from one state to another, are my debts obligations remain from the original state?
My mom passed away in Puerto Rico and left an outstanding loan from a bank. Can the bank sue my father for the debt obligations?
I’ve paid a medical debt, but it remains on my credit report. What can I do to have it removed?
Can a debt collector carry out repossession?
Does an outstanding medical debt lower my credit score?
What actions can a debt collection agency take if I refuse to pay a debt owed?
If I owe a debt and moved to a different county and wish to return to the country where the debt originated, what legal actions could I face for debt owed?
Why does a debt collector call me when I don't owe any debts?
What is the statute of limitation for collecting a medical debt in Oregon?
What is a ‘charge-off’ debt and can I negotiate a payment plan for this kind of debt?
How much does debt collection services cost for small business?
How enforceable is a memorandum of understanding in debt recovery?
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