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Our son purchased a truck that he can't afford due to the fact that he also has house payments, property taxes and other bills. What should he do? Does he just turn the truck in? Should he let it be repossessed? Should he file bankruptcy?
I am underwater with my mortgage, but do not have problems making payments. What is available for me?
In 2008 my wife and I lost our house due to foreclosure. Will we be able to buy another house someday?
We are considering a reverse mortgage. Can you tell us which would be best: a variable or fixed rate mortgage? I know the rates are quite different and we are concerned about a variable going quite high.
Can you be taken to court for a payday loan?
Can I refinance my first and second mortgage while I’m in the middle of a chapter 13 bankruptcy?
Is there an agency or group that will provide assistance to my brother who has over extended himself and has trouble paying his loans?
Can mortgage companies report you late to credit bureaus while they are processing your modification?
My second mortgage was charged off more than a year ago. A collection agency has been calling me. Can I negotiate paying the balance off at a lower amount? If so, what is the best way to approach them?
When is the best time to bargain with the mortgage company. While they are constantly calling and sending letters or after they have said they will foreclose on my house? Is bargaining even possible?
After a date has been set for foreclosure, it is possible to negotiate with the bank or is it a done deal?
If there is a lien on my mother's house for unpaid credit cards and she passes away and leaves the house to me and my brother, are we responsible for the debt? What happens to the debt?
Should I pay off my mortgage? I am single with a daughter living with me. I am 67, disabled and on Social Security. Mortgage payoff is $40,000. Interest on loan is 6.5 percent. Would have about $25,000 left in savings after pay off. Hard to give up most of my savings but the money saved would be substantial.
I recently was foreclosed on a home in Arizona. In the last few weeks i have received phone calls and letters from debt collectors in regard to the second loan on the house. I thought this loan was free from debt collectros since it was foreclosed on. What are my obligations, if any? Does the debt collector have a right to a loan that was foreclosed on?
Can my home be taken from me because of an unpaid credit card?
Is Arizona a non-recourse state or a recourse state for the balance of the loan owed if you short-sale the property or foreclose on it?
I had a home equity loan in the second position on a house that was foreclosed by the lender in the first position. Am I still responsible for the loan?
Who can I speak to about my legal rights in a foreclosure and what options I have ?
I purchased a home from a company and am getting voice message to collect debts for the owner they purchased it from. Why is this legal or a practice?
Can a person representing the original finance company come and knock on the door of your home demanding payment?
I have been issued a bill by my former landlord for an excess of $1100. Is there a minimum amount of time that they have to provide before they can ask to collect on the bill?
I was upside down on my mortgage and overextended, unable to make payments. I moved out of my home and offered the mortgage company my deed in lieu of foreclosure. Does the mortgage company have to respond within a certain time frame and what happens regarding property taxes, insurance premiums, etc during this interim period?
Several years ago the bank gave me a loan while I wasn't working. I’ve been told they should never have done that. Do I still have to repay it?
How do I find the credit card agreements on older credit cards or banks that may have merged? What is the statute of limitations on mortgages?
I became unemployed to take care of my terminally ill father and I want to keep the house my deceased father owned with a reverse mortgage. Can I be added to a reverse mortgage being that I am only 55?
What are the consequences if I stop paying my home quality loan payment?
If I short sale my house, would I be held liable for tax ramifications.
What can I do to find out if the amount of the sale of the home was enough to cover the costs of my entire mortgage and fees and interests?
What is the eligible age for a reverse mortgage?
There is a lien against real estate property that shows up in title search. If I pay off the collection agency, what is the process for clearing the title and how long is the process?
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