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The collection agency have no records of an old debt that I am trying to dispute on my credit report. What can I do?
I received a notice regarding a small debt that I disputed in writing within the 30-day time period. A phone call to the collections agency two weeks after the date of my dispute letter confirmed that they received my letter and were in contact with the creditor to verify the debt. It has been nearly 30 days since that phone call and I have yet to hear from anyone regarding the status of this debt. How long should I wait before I take further action and what should I do?
There is a collection account on my credit report that I am not sure I owe. I have sent the collection agency a letter asking them to validate the debt. However, they have not provided me with an account statement showing me what the debt is for. So, I have decided to negotiate the debt owed. If I settle the debt for less than the amount owed will this hurt my credit score more than settling for the full balance? Will my credit score increase if I pay the full balance?
How do I dispute a debt that is not mine? I don't want to provide my Social Security number to the collection agency since I do not know if it is legitimate, and I have never had the debt they describe. How do I get the debt collection agency to remove my name and phone number from their collection list without giving out personal information?
I have been receiving voicemails for several weeks from a collection agency. They have provided me with the name of the company and a claim number. Does the collection agency owe me written notice under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)? Are they in violation of the FDCPA?
How do I dispute a debt?
How are debt collectors required to respond to my dispute if received after the initial 30-day validation period?
What are debt collectors required to send as verification of a debt?
How will a debt collector verify my debt and who is supposed to mail the verification to me?
I disputed a debt but never heard back. I thought collectors had to verify debts?
If a debt collector did not validate my debt following a dispute, what rights do I have if a debt collector starts collections at a later date?
Can debt collectors demand payment or take legal action during the 30-day period for disputing a debt?
I entered into an agreement to pay off a debt over time to a debt collection agency. I made every payment as scheduled, but the company misguided or misplaced one payment. We had written payment arrangements with this company. I have a payment receipt, but the company still hasn’t found the payment. They said I defaulted on the agreement and now another debt collection agency is contacting me.
Three years ago, I was informed by a law firm that I owed a debt to a cellular phone company. I wrote this law firm and informed them that I never have owned a cell phone and the law firm eventually told me that a person with the same name owed the debt. They said they would contact their client and have the error corrected with the three consumer reporting agencies. This still hasn’t been resolved.
I recently paid a credit card though a third party collection company. They offered me a settlement amount of $212 and sent me a paid in full letter with a balance owing of $0.00. They are still showing account as a charge-off amount due of $404. I have tried disputing it with no positive results.
In 1995, my wife had a car accident and was taken by ambulance to a military hospital. I was in active duty at the time. To my knowledge I was never billed or even entered into a contract to pay. We have since divorced and I now live outside the U.S. I recently discovered a collection agency is still reporting that debt. I have disputed the debt with them and the credit reporting agency. Is the collection agency violating the FCRA?
If someone disputes a debt in writing, does the debtor still have the right to continue collections? I thought once a debt is in dispute that all attempts to collect such debt must be terminated until the dispute is settled. Is this correct?
A previous employer claims I owe them money. I disagree. No payment has been made and no legal action has been taken. I have accepted a new job pending a background check. Could this claimed outstanding debt be a factor? If they did file suit for the money, would that change the answer?
I received a letter from a collection agency that I owe $8,000 to an apartment complex that I lived in 2 years ago. I have no idea where $8,000 comes from and my first notice was this final notice. What do I do?
Can a consumer dispute a debt if they failed to pay it due to illness or unemployment?
A collection agency contacted me saying I owe $5,000 for an accident. The judgment was entered in February of 2009 and does not appear on my credit report. I thought that judgments have to be reported to the credit bureaus. I have done research and they are a legitimate business and registered with BBB. What can I do?
In 2007 I shared a rent house with 3 other people. My name was on the electric bill and when I left in January 2008. My name was still on the account and now I am receiving collection calls. I showed the collector that I did not live there but they declined my request to drop the bill. What rights do I have?
I heard someone paid off their debt and it remained on their credit report. I have requested a settlement letter from a debt collector and they refuse to write one. Is it worth it to demand a written agreement from the debt collector once a settlement has been made?
The CRAs list a reported delinquency that I have been disputing for over 2 years and the creditor says they’ve never reported any negative information and has provided the documentation to prove it. I have disputed the information and it’s still listed as delinquent. When the dispute process fails, how does one resolve an issue?
I was contacted by a collector about an old debt from 1997. I have no proof but I believe I paid it off years ago. How can I find out before I call them back?
How do I dispute a debt on my credit report if the debt collection agency that owned the debt is out of business?
How do I dispute an incorrect repossession vehicle debt record on my credit report?
How do I stop communication from a debt collector on a debt that I don't owe?
We’ve been paying a loan on an account for over two and a half years. The account was transferred and there is no history of the payments made. What can I do?
How can I get a negative reporting remove from my credit report?
How do I find information on where my debt originated from?
Can I dispute a medical debt if I receive inadequate medical service?
Do I have the ability to dispute a medical debt even after I have paid in full?
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