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If my student loan was purchased by another party. Do I have the right to see the purchase price and I am obligated to the new purchase price owed in the account?
What do I do if I keep getting letters from third-party collectors?
I have several credit card debts that third-party collectors are trying to collect. Nothing has been paid on them for many years. Now the third-party collectors are calling and saying they'll take legal action. When I asked for information to verify their claims, they refused. They even refused to give me an address so I could dispute this in writing. What recourse do I have?
I recently received a letter of reconciliation from a debt collection agency asking me to repay an outstanding debt. The letter only states a balance and that the collection agency is negotiating a settlement offer. I do not believe the debt is valid. I requested my credit report and there is no mention of this debt. I also have copies of my credit reports going back five years and there is no mention of the debt there either. If I contact this collector, will the calendar restart on the debt?
How old can a debt be and still be legally collectable by a debt collector?
How can I know that a debt collector is legitimate? I sent several payments to a debt collector to pay off a debt. However, none of the payments have gone toward my debt. A second agency has contacted me to pay off that same debt, plus additional fees. I am willing to pay on the debt, but I don't want to get caught paying an organization that is not really collecting the debt.
A collection agency deducted money from my checking account without my authorization. They had my account information from previously authorized payments. I haven’t received a Writ of Garnishment; can they continue to deduct money from my account without authorization?
Can my dentist charge a pre-collection fee and then add a collection fee to my outstanding balance? I did sign a form at their office that said they could charge fees, but are these fees legal?
Does United States federal law supersede any state laws concerning collections and the validation period?
A collection agency has been calling me. They haven't sent a letter yet and they refuse to give their address. Can they do this?
When a debt collector contacts me for the first time, what are the rules he or she must abide by?
How do I stop collection calls?
How do I get debt collectors to stop calling me about a bill I paid (or settled) years ago?
How do I get debt collectors to stop calling when I'm not the one they want; they're looking for my former roommate?
Can debt collectors discuss my debt with my spouse?
Can debt collectors discuss my debt with my children?
What rights do I have when a debt collector demands a post-dated check payment?
Can debt collectors refuse to accept a reasonable payment plan?
If I incurred debt in one state and then moved to another, which state's law applies?
What can I do if I believe a debt collector has broken the law?
How do I report a violation or file a complaint against a debt collector?
How can I find out which debt collectors have my accounts so I can start to pay off the accounts?
Can collection agencies report a debt to a consumer reporting agency without notifying you?
Is it legal for a collector to contact a neighbor?
I paid my credit card balance in full at 7:30am yesterday. I received a call around noon from agency, told them I had already paid and to stop calling me. They called twice again last night and three times today. Doesn't this fit under Fair Debt? I asked twice not to be called.
Can a collector call me on my cell phone for my business if I specifically ask them not to call my business cell?
I have a business account in collections. Its in the name of my company. I have been told by the collection agency FDCPA does not apply. Is this true?
What is the penalty for calling the wrong person?
Can I remove my name from the collector's call list?
I received a letter today and don't understand it. I don't have any back accounts or debt cards. What is this about?
How do I dispute a bill that has been sold to a collection agency?
A debt collector called me and said he sent a letter to my last known address but it was the wrong address. He said that legally he could not send another letter to my new address as he is limited on the number of letters he can send. I asked him to read my credit card number back to me. He got the first eight (8) digits right and the last eight (8) wrong. He said that for privacy, when the debt was sold the they scrambled the last digits. Is any of this true? Why can't he send a letter or
Do you have to be licensed to collect debt in the state of Tennessee?
Every month or so I get a call for someone I do not know. I tell them they have the wrong number and after a few times they stop. The problem is a month later a new agency starts calling. How can I stop them from passing my number to other agencies?
If a debt collection agency offers a much lower amount than original debt, should you take the offer and what should you do to protect your self from future liability?
I received a call from a collection agency recently. The caller wanted me to confirm the last four digists of my Social Security number. And the caller told me that I had an outstanding debt on a phone number that I closed seven years ago. What is my recourse on some debt that allegedly occurred in 2003?
I keep getting calls from a collection agency that refuses to send me a letter to verify the debt. How do I know that I am dealing with a legitmate company?
I have an erroneous ding on credit report. I paid all my payments on-time and even paid off the entire balance two months early. Who do I contact and how do I get this struck from my credit record?
I incurred a debt that was turned over to a collection agency. Is it legal for the collection agency to report the date opened as the date they received the account from the creditor? I thought the date opened would have to reflect the date the account was opened with he original creditor.
Can I provide a relative's correct contact information to keep his creditors from calling me? Is there somewhere I can send this information that will be distributed to skip trace vendors? How is it fair that I pay my bills on time and get phone calls that are meant for someone else who doesn't?
A collection agency never sent me an initial validation notice but filed a collection notice with two credit reporting agencies. This resulted in a credit card company reducing my line of credit by half. Do I have legal recourse against this collection agency?
A debt was turned over to a collection agency. It was appropriately disputed within 30 days. Will the collection agency ask the creditor again, before reporting to the credit agencies, whether the creditor wants this reported or do they have any new information?
I was laid off two years ago and my unemployment benefits just ended. I filed for and am now receiving early Social Security benefits. There is still nothing for paying off the credit card debt. The collection agencies are making me crazy and threatening to take me to court. What can I do?
Can a debt collector ask a consumer's place of employment for the consumer's date of hire?
Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), what kind of debt collection is regulated? What kind is not?
How do I stop getting calls for another person by a debt collector who refuses to identify themself or the company?
Does the restriction on calling residents of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Utah on holidays apply to collection calls or is the restriction aimed solely at telemarketing calls? In reading the alerts as well as each state’s Do Not Call legislation, it appears to be aimed more at telemarketing calls.
Does medical debt come under the FDCPA ? If so must Foti and mini Miranda be observed?
If one collection agency fails to collect a debt and its reported on credit report, and they then sell the account to another collection agency, can the second agency report to the credit place and the seven years start all over again?
I have someone who owes me and I have a confessed judgment in Maryland. How can I find out where his bank account is or where he works to file for my money?
How can a credit agency call me 8 years after the debt has already been settled? I cannot provide a 10 year old receipt, and know I have already paid this bill, Thats why it was not on my credit, Can they still report it to the credit bureau as unpaid because its their word against mine and I cannot obtain my old receipt?
Can a collection company that is an attorneys office call and threaten to put a lien on your house or worse as the guy said?
How can I stop creditors who call me to find another person?
Can I have dialogue with debt collector via email or text?
How do I find out the date of prior services that now have been turned over to collection agency?
How do I check an account from a debt collector online? To my knowledge I do not owe this and want to check it online.
Can I make a payment plan after I go to court?
What serves as the notice that the debtor has been contacted about a bad debt?
If my name is on an account with someone else and I never used the card and asked the credit card company a couple of times to take my name off the account with the person was in good standing am I responsible for the payment? The primary person is now unemployed.
I broke my neck about 6 years ago that caused me to incur a large amount of debt. I live on a VA widows salary and may never work again. How can I clear this debt? I don't have any money!
When writing a bad check and its forward to collection agency, how long am I given to redeem the check before it sent to district attorney under Wisconsin bad check law?
Does a creditor have to let a consumer know the debt is being turned over to a collection agency?
How can I stop a collector from calling my house about debts I do not know about, and about 10 or more different names, about 15 times a day?
How many times a day can a credit card collector call me? I am receiving over 30 calls a day between my home phone and cell phone and its making me crazy.
How do you know if the company that is calling but has not sent you anything in the mail is a legitimate collection company? If they are not how do you deal with them?
What do I do if a collection agency refuses to provide verify the debt?
How can I stop collectors from calling me when the person of interest doesn’t live at my residence? Despite repeatedly informing the collectors of the wrong number, they still call us trying to reach this third party. We don’t want a new phone number and the potential for this to start all over again. How can we get these calls to stop?
Why do collection companies still try to collect on debt that’s old, like say 10 years old? I was contacted by a collection agency 7.5 years after a supposed debt. In this state, the statute of limitations is 6 years. Is this collection agency operating legally?
Several times a year we receive a string of calls from one agency or another based on incorrect identification. The debts are not ours, and we’ve never heard of the person they’re trying to contact. When we explain that, we are sometimes challenged to provide personal information to prove that we are not the person sought. What should we do?
I bought a new cellular service almost two years ago. My assigned number must have been previously used by someone with possible bad debt as I have received collection calls almost every day for the last 18 months. How can I get these calls to cease?
Are debt collectors currently prohibited from using Predictive Dialers or AutoDialers in an effort to contact debtors for collection? From where does this limitation stem?
How can a debt collector call a homeowner not at all related to a debtor and request information related to the debtor? When told the person in question does not live there, has never, and will never be available at the number, they continue to call back. How do you prevent such abuses?
I have been working with a creditor and he insists that I pay a higher amount. Do I have to accept the amount he requests?
If I send email to a debtor collector asking him to stop calling, is this the same under FDCPA ? After I disputed the debt within the 30 days, then I received the document, how long after that he can start calling me?
My father got a call from a collection agency saying he owes money. How can I find proof that this is real and not a scam or that someone stole my father’s identity?
Collector is trying to collect from an individual who had my cell phone number before me. I have explained this to them several times but they continue to call. I do not know the person who is the debtor. Do I have a remedy?
What is the statute of limitations on collecting a debt in California?
Could you explain to me the requirements of an original creditor in notifying a consumer before placing a consumer account with a third party collection agency and where I could find the obligations of an original creditor in writing?
I agreed to settle an account with a debt collector and requested a letter outlining the settlement agreement. They refused, is this legal?
How can I tell if a judgment has been awarded against me on a debt?
What can I do, besides changing my telephone number again, to get collector calls for the wrong person to stop?
If a creditor does not indicate on his contract that he can collect additional fees, can he try to collect them from me?
Is a creditor still allowed to send me monthly statements after they have turned me over to a debt collector?
We received a letter from a third party collection agency and they said that if we request in writing they will send us the name of the original creditor. Also if this is an account from the past it has to be at least 20 years old and we have not had any communication with any one in that length of time. How should we handle this?
How many times can a debt collector contact me in a week according to FDCPA?
Can a patient in a nursing home be contacted by debt collectors?
We settled with the debt collection agency for the amount owed and now the company that they agency said they were working for claims to have never gotten the money. What can I do?
I have a debt in collections and have asked for validation to which they did not respond. The debt was resold at least 4 times. I would like the threats, harassment to end but whenever I assert my rights there is always another agency willing to step up an repeat. What can I do?
Can debt collectors use abusive and harassing language if they have not verified who they are speaking with?
Is a collection firm required to provide the name of their firm to a third party who demands to be told who is calling?
I have been making payments and they took two payments from me instead of one. What actions can I take to get my money back?
I received a call from a debt collector saying that I owed $7,000 from an apartment I had rented a year ago. I asked if I could get verification in writing, and he said no. He also mentioned they have been sending notices to my address for some time, though I have received none. What can I do from here?
I recently received a call for a debt over 10 years old and it does not appear on my credit report. Can they still collect on this debt?
What is the FDCPA?
My telephone number was once associated with a consumer with debts. I get collection calls from different companies every week asking about the debt. While the collector agrees to stop calling, at some point the debt is sold to another company who begins calling my number. How do I stop the cycle?
We are an elderly couple being harassed by numerous collectors looking for persons with our last name, but not us. They refuse to identify themselves, so we cannot complain to the FTC. The callers are often rude and abusive when we dispute the wrong identity. How can we stop this abusive behavior by debt collectors?
Creditors just contacted me on a debt. How can I verify that I owe this?
A collector called my next door neighbor and asked personal questions about me. They also had my neighbor take a note and hand deliver it to me. Is this legal?
Can a debt collection agency ask if someone is married or ask for their spouse's’ name under the FDCPA?
How do I find out how much debt I owe?
How many times can a phone ring before is considered harassment?
How do go about setting up an offer for a settlement?
If a collection is placed with an attorney, what steps should I take so that this will not go to court?
My son has two loans and it was turned over to debt collection. I have agreed to their terms however they have not held up to their agreement. What can I do?
How do I find out how much I owe?
How many messages can a collector leave for a consumer in a week?
How do you find out how much you owe and how do you dispute wrong information?
How do I negotiate a settlement on an old credit card debt?
I want to change my payment plan from automatic withdrawal to personal checks, but the company charges a fee for the change. Is there a way to avoid that fee?
How can I check how much debt I owe?
I received a letter from a creditor and I need further clarification on a debt. How do I contact them?
I need to dispute an inaccurate charged off debt on my account, but the collection agency is no longer in business. What can I do?
Are debt collectors obligated to provide a validation of a debt when requested by a consumer?
If I am behind in my payment, will a debt collector accept an offer for a monthly payment plan?
I am unemployed and owe a debt to a creditor, what can I do?
I am having issues with paying off my medical bills due to a high deductible. Are there any options that can assist me?
Are there any consequences if I miss one monthly payment to a debt collector?
Can a hospital send my account to collections if I can't afford the monthly payment plan?
Are debt collection agencies required to provide validation each time I request it?
Can a debt collector call me on national holiday?
I lost my record of payment for a medical debt. What can I do to retrieve it?
Within how many days does debt collector required to provide a verification of debt?
Are collection agency required to give you 90 days to pay a debt?
A debt collector tried to collect a traffic fine debt from 1987 and provided a valid documentation to me. What is the statute of limitation for collecting that debt?
I am responsible for the interest charged on a debt that is being collected?
Can a debt collector contact me at my place of employment?
What can I do to stop a debt collector from contacting me for a debt that I don't owe?
How can I stop debt collectors from contacting me for a mistaken identity?
My ex failed to pay half of a medical debt. Does a divorce decree alter the outstanding debt obligations?
Can a debt collector contact me on my cell phone if the number is provided by a healthcare provider for a medical debt owed?
How do I find out whom I owe my debt obligations to?
I have a debt collector that continues to contacting me, but they have the wrong person. What can I do to stop these calls?
My son receives phone calls from a debt collector pertaining to a the debt owed, what should he do?
I am worried about the validity of a debt collection agency. How can I protect myself from scams?
Can I cease payment on debt that I am making payments to if a collection agency has not sent me a letter with a current balance?
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