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How do I get a bankruptcy off my credit report? Does the 10 year time period start when the bankruptcy was filed or when it is disposed of? It took 3 months for the process. It was filed in August and signed by the judge in November. Which date would be used?
I recently went through a divorce which left me with credit card debt. On top of that I have a student loan and monthly child support to pay. Most of my salary goes toward rent and other bills. What should I do? My sister belongs to a credit union so I'm going to try to get a loan from them. I've heard the interest rate could be 10 percent or higher on a loan. Is bankruptcy an option?
What happens to me when my spouse/ex-spouse files bankruptcy?
We filed for bankruptcy a few years ago and we still have judgments on our credit report. How can we get these judgments removed from our credit report?
I filed for a bankruptcy protection about 15 years ago. I recently found out that a company purchased a credit card debt from that bankruptcy. Is there any way that I can have that company remove that debt from their system?
My step dad got a loan from Citi for $5000 to help me with bills. He now has claimed bankruptcy. Will I still have to pay the debt in bankruptcy court?
If my husband and I went through a chapter 7 bankruptcy seven years ago, can I file for bankruptcy for just myself? I have been unemployed for 2 years and have my own debt. Thank you
My ex-husband and I have a loan with a credit union. He is filing bankruptcy and is the primary on the loan, I am co-borrower. If he adds this loan to the bankruptcy what happens to me and my name?
I filed for bankruptcy in California, 2008. Can I file bankruptcy again now?
I am a resident of Missouri. If my spouse files bankruptcy or is deceased am I still responsible for their medical bills and collectors pursue me?
Is it legal for debt collection company to call 5 or 6 times a day on a credit card debt that was charged off in 1998 in a bankruptcy?
Does a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge judgement against your property if the court let you keep it and continue payments?
Can you file for bankruptcy on medical debts?
How many years are bankruptcies reported on a credit report?
Can I file bankruptcy without a lawyer?
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